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Piping material - check size and material required:

Size:  1.5 inch OD 2.0 inch OD 2.5 inch OD 3.0 inch OD 4.0 inch OD

Material:  Aluminum SS (elbows only) All SS


Components - fill in quantity required:

-Component- -Quantity-
Tubing (20 foot lengths)
90 degree elbow, long radius
90 degree elbow, short radius
45 degree elbow
Mitered vacuum elbow
Vacuum wand
Lateral with 45 degree branch
Lateral with 30 degree branch
Vaccum Tee
InstaLok coupling
3-bolt coupling
4-bolt coupling
Male quick-change fitting
Dust cap
Chain for dust cap
Female quick-change fitting
Flex hose without static wire
Flex hose with static wire
Spiral clamp for flex hose


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